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I chose wrong shade of both foundation

Mjy brushes to mil gye thy lakin mjy pouch ni bheja ap logo n mai insta p msg b kia lakin mjy response ni dia jb k last time yhi set order kia tha tb pouch bheja tha is br ni mai kha k mjy ye brushes set apni vanity main rkhna hai shadi main 😔
Kindly mjy pouch bhijwa dy 😊


So good and amazing brushes soft easy to blend loved it


Its quite sticky in application. Even after priming.

its really awesome and natural 😍

Good but size was too small that I was not able to open serums easily

Lip tint

The new lip tint is not blendable it leaves a stain where ever I apply. The old packaging was much betterr

alezem lipstick

Alezem lipstick it's so good .
Lekin jb mujhe received hui to lipstick toti hui thi

Best foundation ever

I have been using this foundation since 3 years it is the best foundation for all skin types best quality is small quantity gives full coverage ... Totally recommended.

i like the shade, consistency but the weird thing is its has a really weird scent like the expired product....i think atleast twice before applying it on my face....

My favourite product

Best product I have been using from last two years amazing result and full coverage 110% recommended


It's a good serum. Using second bottle.

Make up brushes

Best ever quality. Most softest brushes I’ve ever seen. Each and very rupee is worth it.

alezem lip shay tint

I really liked the staining and the color but after using a while i have noticed increase in white pores in thise areas where i used the tint and its dry too not moisturizing at all


یہ کنیسیلر میرا فیورٹ ہے اسے لگاتے ہی الگ سی جیسے اسکن ایک دم کلئیر لگتی

میں اسے کونٹوور کے طور پہ استعمال کر رہی اور یہ بہت ہی اعلیٰ قسم کی چیز ہے. جسٹ ایک ڈاٹ ہی لگاو اور فل کوور ہوجاتا 😁

Alezem Star Eyes Pressed Eye Shadow Pigments Pack of 4

اتنےےےےےےےے اچھے آئ شیڈ ہیں. اتنے اچھے طریقے سے بلینڈ ہوجاتے ہیں کہ کوئ اناڑی بھی استعمال کر لے. i love it😍

بہت زبردست ٹِنٹ ہے. پگمنٹ بہت ہی اعلیٰ ہے اسکی.ہلکا سا بس لگانا پڑتا اور فل لگ جاتا

All Day Fixy Prep & Set
R-504, Sector 15-A-5, Buffer Zone near Uzma Medical Centre and 7c bus last stop Hassan
Perfect makeup fixer

I ordered this after reading all the good reviews and m glad they were honest!! I used this for the very first time early in the morning and my makeup remained fresh till I washed my face at night! Exctly it's that good, let's see how it works in summers. My first experience with this fixer is really good and I will recommend everyone!

Bad experience

I ordered from u ppl but it's totally different from my skin tone


Best best Conclear won't clog pores and best for blemishe prone skin. Perfect. 👌🏼

Best Conclear

One of the best Conclear I've ever used. ❤️ Best for contouring long lasting.

Three sereum in travelling size

Oky the are amazing I love them using before my makeup recommend to all
Thank you

Buy Any Two Lipsticks Get Another One Free
Beyond words

Trust me guys these are one of the best lipsticks I've ever used even way better many high end branded lipsticks. So creamy and long lasting and all the shades are fab... Thanks Alezem.